Character Sketch of Virginia in Canterville Ghost


Character Sketch of Virginia in Canterville Ghost

Character Sketch of Virginia in Canterville Ghost : Virginia is a little girl of fifteen. She has blue eyes. She is a lovely and beautiful girl. She is very sensitive, emotional and understanding. Her courage attracts the readers’ attention. Virginia is affectionate and trustworthy.

Virginia helps the ghost of Sir Simon to get salvation. She takes him seriously and listens to his problems patiently. She is receptive also. Virginia learns an important lesson as well as the true meaning behind a riddle. She weeps for the ghost, prays for him and disappears with him through the wainscoting.

Virginia goes with Sir Simon to the Garden of Death and bids the ghost farewell. Her ability to accept Sir Simon leads her to enlightenment. She understands the mystery of human existence. She dares to accuse the ghost of being rude, vulgar, dishonest and horrid. Virginia also asks him to behave properly. It goes without saying that she is compassionate, sentimental, generous, philanthropic, magnanimous and kind. Virginia is a good natured and soft hearted girl who has all the deific virtues.


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