Character Sketch of Priscilla Lammeter in Silas Marner


Character Sketch of Priscilla Lammeter in Silas Marner

Character Sketch of Priscilla Lammeter : The introduction of Priscilla Lammeter uncovers the hypocrisy and pettiness of the assembled rich folk. She provides something of a feminist point of view, thanking her stars that there are pretty woman like her sister Nancy Lammeter to keep the men away from her. She is blunt in her remarks, which offends the Miss Gunns, but she does not seem to care. She continues to offer her strong opinions while they finish dressing, speaking on men and marriage. She likes to see the men mastered’ and as for marriage, she says that “Mr Have-your-own-way is the best husband.”

Priscilla Lammeter is Nancy’s elder sister and is very homely and plainspoken. She is very good at everything she does. In fact, she is the one who manages Mr. Lammeter’s farm and dairy. A cheerful and wise spinster, Priscilla, has the ability to laugh at herself.

Although plain and certainly the uglier, Priscilla Lammeter is more worldly-wise than Nancy. She is described as ‘square-shouldered’, ‘clumsy’ and ‘high-featured’. However, Priscilla Lammeter is also skilled in many trades, is no-nonsense and actually has more common sense than Nancy in many ways.


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