Character Sketch of Molly Farren in Silas Marner


Character Sketch of Molly Farren in Silas Marner

Character Sketch of Molly Farren: Molly Farren is Godfrey’s secret wife, whom Godfrey has told that he would rather die than acknowledge as his wife. She knows there is a dance being held at the Red House and plans to crash the party in order to take revenge on Godfrey. She decided to go in her dingy rags, with her faded face and her little child and disclose herself to the Squire as his elder son’s wife.

Molly Farren is Godfrey’s secret wife and Eppie’s mother. She was a pretty woman when Godfrey first met her; however, addiction to opium and alcohol destroys her completely. She becomes vengeful and is determined to reveal the secret of their marriage to the Squire. However, she dies before she can reach the latter and tell her tale.

Molly is Godfrey’s wife and has a child with him. Once a pretty woman, she is now s wasted, thanks to opium and alcohol. She is seen heading towards Raveloe with her baby in her arms. Her sole intent is to revenge herself by telling the Squire that she is the wife of his first-born. However, she is also under the influence of her ‘demon’, namely opium. It is a cold day so she takes a sip of the ‘familiar demon’ (alcohol, I think) to warm herself. But, the demon begins “working his will” and she longs to lie down and sleep. She does not feel the coldness below her, neither is she bothered that the child might wake up and cry for her. Soon she is overtaken with complete lethargy and her arms loosen their hold on the child.

Molly Farren is addicted to opium and knows that this, not Godfrey, is the primary reason for her troubles. However she resents Godfrey’s wealth and comfort and believes that he should support her. As she has been walking from the morning, she is tired, and to comfort herself, consumes the last portion of opium she has. The drug makes her drowsy and she becomes unconscious.


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