Character Sketch of Dr. Kemp in The Invisible Man


Character Sketch of Dr. Kemp in The Invisible Man

Character Sketch of Dr. Kemp in The Invisible Man: Like Griffin, Dr. Kemp is a scientist living in the town of Port Burdock. Actually, they both had gone to the same college. He was a tall and slender young man with flaxen hair and an almost white moustache. Dr. Kemp is an old friend of Griffin, who comes to his house to hide after Griffin’s transformation into the “invisible man”. Kemp has a hard time accepting the fact that his friend, who he had not seen for years, suddenly appears uninvited and invisible, but eventually he overcomes his shock, sits down and talks with Griffin.

Dr. Kemp is ambitious, which is clear from the fact that he wanted recognition for his achievements. But then, he is also a speculative philosopher. The night that Griffin comes to his house, Dr Kemp is working on a remote speculation of social conditions of the future.

Dr. Kemp is a very calm and sensible man. He doesn’t get scared by the invisible intruder. He kept his cool when the murder threat arrived. He lays his own life on the line to get Griffin arrested, which shows that he was also very brave. However, his sense of judgement sometimes gets awry. He sent the maid alone to deliver the note and also ran away, leaving the two policemen behind.


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